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DKExcellence: The Four Corners Campaign

Think back on your days at the DKE house.  Like so many of us, you probably left UNC with happy memories, life-long friends, and valuable skills that have helped you become the man you are today. Can’t picture your life without Beta DKE? We couldn’t either and that’s why we launched the DKExcellence: The Four Corners Campaign earlier this year.  As alumni, it’s our honor and duty to ensure that Beta’s legacy lives on forever.

We have identified four areas of need that we will be focusing on in this effort.

  • Increase the capital in the Caldwell Fund, which provides for ongoing renovation, major repairs, and general upkeep and maintenance.
  • The creation of the Academic Initiative Fund to support the Academic Excellence Program established in 2012. The DKE Alumni Board wishes to permanently establish and encourage academic excellence at DKE and build on the rising academic success of the past few years. 
  • The creation of a fund to provide benefits to Meg Miller, Beta DKE’s long-time house mother/manager.  Over the next five years, Meg is going to start to phase out of the kitchen and go into “retirement.” She will stay on as property manager as long as she and the board feel her health will allow.  Over the last 21 years, there have been numerous conversations on how to repay Meg for her commitment and this fund will allow us to do just that. You can make your pledge to the campaign by clicking here to download a pledge form.
  • The Kitchen and Dining Room Expansion and Renovation Project. The major goal of this project is to expand out toward the Carolina Inn, allowing us to increase our dining and living space. As it is, we only can seat 40 in the dining room and we currently average around 80 active members. We want to be able to provide a space that is more functional, can accommodate the group, and is competitive with what other fraternities on campus can offer.


More details will be forthcoming about the campaign.If you’d like more details, to volunteer for the effort, ask questions, or make a pledge, please contact Andy Spencer ’80 (acspencer121457@gmail.com or 404-863-1162) or Scott Smith ’80(scottsmith@unc.edu or 919-740-5197). 

Class of ’71 Bonds Prove Unbreakable Nearly 50 Years After GraduationNearly 50 years after graduation and the DKE Class of ’71 impressively gained a 100% commitment to the DKExcellence: The Four Corners Campaign. This speaks volumes to the strong bonds that have kept this class together.

“It all started back in 1975 when a few of us thought it would be good idea to get together on the 5th anniversary of our graduation,” said class agent Craig Perry ’71. “Having it in Chapel Hill was a natural. We try to have a reunion every five years.”

Excellence AbroadThe Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity is tight-knit group of brothers with a high standard of excellence. Charlie Talcott ’18 was able to uphold this standard even while studying abroad in Germany.

Charlie’s dream of studying in Germany stemmed from his high school German courses. When he arrived at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, his dreams became a reality. With a double major in German Literature & Culture and Business, Charlie was looking for a way to combine these two interests. His goal was to secure a summer internship in Germany.

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